Limitless Direct Air Capture
We clear the hurdles to Gigaton scale carbon removal
Lowest consumption
The primary constraint on direct air capture’s (DAC) scalability is its substantial energy demand.
We are developing the most energy-efficient non-passive DAC technology using a hybrid electrochemical process.
Truly scalable
The inherent limitations of today's DAC technologies stem from their reliance on energy, land, water, and materials.
By design, we minimize these inputs to sustainably reach gigatonne scale, pioneering ultra-scalable DAC.
Low cost & high quality
The carbon market demands measurable and durable carbon credits with significant potential for affordable pricing.
We supply CO2 for permanent sequestration with a well-defined pathway towards cost-effectiveness.
Yama is actively advancing its technology with its first fundings, to unequivocally demonstrate unparalleled energy efficiency.
To be a driving force in realizing unconstrained DAC, reach out to us and become a part of the transformation.
About the team:
Aurélie Gonzalez | CEO
Seasoned climate entrepreneur with a track record of founding two ventures and over ten years of expertise in the fields of decarbonation and carbon removal. M.Eng. in process and energy from a top-tier French institution, alongside six years directing environmental performance in engineering.
Valentin Fougerit | CTO
M.Eng. in process engineering and Ph.D. in Carbon Capture. Boasting a decade-long track record spearheading engineering development within the biogas sector, specializing in scaling up processes from lab to pilot. Extensive experience includes robust R&D management within plant operations.
Harry Macpherson | Head of Science
Materials scientist and electrochemist, with a M.Eng. from the University of Oxford and five years experience in industrial R&D. Previously invented novel electrochemical processes for lithium-ion battery recycling and developed technologies for materials manufacturing and electrochemical CO2 reduction.